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I used to receive this kind of stuff by the bushel. Now, only a trickle makes it's way into my inbox. Here's how I did it.

Whenever I got one of those FWD.FWD.FWD. emails, I checked out the facts on one or more "rumor-mill" sites. Then, I sent an email to every email address listed in the header (and subheaders within the email itself) debunking the rumor(s), saying that people who FWD this crap without checking facts are mindless sheep, and asking innocent recipients to forward MY email back to the original sender - so the sender knows they've been unmasked as a liar.

In less than a month, the deluge of this kind of email became just a trickle. And to those who continue to FWD this crap my way ... well (evil grin), I decided to fight fire with fire.

You have no idea how EASY it is to add an email address to a spammer's mass-mail list. And, it's equally easy to send an email using someone else's email address to groups and organizations who tend to "keep" people on their mailing lists. For example, imagine writing to the Church of Scientology under a given email address ... telling them how much you enjoyed reading "Dianetics" and wanted to know more.

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