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Jerrie McGehee

Yes me too, congrats to the winners and I'd like to know when there be a other one


Bummer ... I also missed the second phase

Chet Davis

Glad you asked Charles -- just checked myself and learned the 2nd phase of the contest is what is now going on... now through December 15, 2011 you can enter photos for this stage of the contest. In the words of he Canon Imagination Contest rules: "Each Photograph must be inspired by one of the excerpts from the script of the film tentatively entitled “when you find me” (the “Film”) which will be posted on the Website during the Promotion Period."

You can view the rules here: http://canon.thismoment.com/rules.html
and read the 'Script Excerpts' via the link on the main page indicated in my post above.

Charles J Sorg

If the contest was over in June, why are there commercials about it in the third week of November?

Chet Davis

Sorry you missed the entry deadlines Mark for this contest. You may want to check out Canon's learning website for classes, contests and other events for still and video imagery: http://www.learn.usa.canon.com/home/home.shtml


Just discovered this Ron Howard event. Darn it ... too late to enter. Please let me know when you are doing it again.


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