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Great !!! finally !! when is coming to USA ?


I have a Renommee Plus Performance Pal Version
Arabesk v 4.1e
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-111D
DVD-Firmware Version:1.29
Smart Edit 7.0f
What must I add to my Renommee to cope with the cutting edge of Casablanca technology?
I live in Johannessburg, South Africa & Casablanca support here is ............

Chet Davis

Franklin - it remains in NTSC testing, I would think (speculation on my part) that it will release with the release of the Bogart V4 OS here in the Americas. MSUS originally targeted May 2011, though it might move into June. Thought I too am eager to work with this version of Arabesk, I don't mind too much a postponed release though as I would rather it release with any substantive issues resolved.

Chet Davis

Hello Krish,

That is a challenging question - how/when to upgrade. Unfortunately the Renommee was produced when the video stream (video via cable = DV, etc)was the prominent and mostly only avaialable technology for video. Now with the proliferation of file based video technology, that product line does not work or work well with this newer technology. You _can_ convert the files into video streams and edit them but it is a longer process than most folks would find practical. Here is a previous post I recommend that will give you some thoughts about whether to upgrade and the considerations: http://chetdavis.typepad.com/casablancaexpert/2010/04/10.html

And though we are miles and oceans apart, I am happy to assist you if I can.



thanks Chet

Chet Davis

You are welcome Prem! And here is some more recent news about Arabesk 5 -- http://chetdavis.typepad.com/casablancaexpert/2011/05/sneak-peek-at-new-casablanca-arabesk-5-for-dvd-blu-ray-authoring-.html.



Hey ! Chet thaks

Chet Davis

You are most welcome Franklin -- I am eager to get the software in my editor so I can use these new features!

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