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Charles Higgin

Looks very nice but i would be just as happy if i had my 3D Titler Pro working in Bogart and happier still if Bogart 3 had less bugs. Can't MSDE devote some time to actually providing the "Coming Soon" software dare i say it "SOON"

I was in my 50s when it was promised this time next week i'll be in my 60s
Charles UK

Chet Davis

I understand Charles and agree. I understand what I perceive to be the company's plans to look forward to the next attractive feature/option, but as an end-user I am hoping for and looking forward to adjustments and fixes with the current software/OS. I believe there needs to be that balance to keep current customers and also provide new incentives and enrichment's to entice additional/new customers to the product line.

Mike Madden

The new features of this forthcoming titling software are exciting for me. To be able to make different size letters on the same line is something I've wanted. And I like the templates. I will definitely buy this software when my Gen 3 machines become useable. Right now they are not useable. I thought I could input HDV, edit and make standard DVD's. Unfortunately, the downconvert from HD to SD/DVD is horrible: like VHS EP quality. Most all of my projects are multi-cam so I use Quadcam for most projects, but IT DOESN'T WORK IN HD! It stutters and freezes, and you can't see what you are doing. Sadly, I'm unplugging and boxing up the Bogart machines until the software is fixed and I can use them. I spent a lot of money for so far nothing. BUT: the fact I am even keeping them is a testament to my confidence in MS that this will be fixed. Soon, I hope.

Lou Bruno

I think we will be pleasantly surprised shortly with Bogart. The downconvert issue is a reported issue and samples have been sent to the developers. Hopefully, we will have fixes in the very near future-hopefully.

larry Gray

The new Titler is a real winner. Simple to use, Sharp & creative.The treatment of our titles now, is way up there.

Down converting to DVD is the only issue (not sharp)so I race it back into the cam. Down convert via the menu then fire wire the video into my Cassa (into a 2.4 software drive) & burn.

3.2 software is HOT the ability to copy a project into another allows me to experiment.
Pulling in footage 1920-1080i via USB hard drive in the normal record in window works perfectly. (EX1 Sony card cam)it even digitised standard def footage that I forgot was also on the drive !! It placed it into a new project box n gave it a name. The time code burn now works on DVDs too.
Hopefully the next upgrade 3.3 fixes the annoying bug or two within Arabesk also down converting.

Cheers Larry in OZ

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