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Hi guys! I am new here. I hope we will enjoy that time :) I love to use that and i hope you too! :)

Alberta high speed internet

Streaming entertainment is more convenient than juggling Blu-ray and DVD discs, but it demands a fast pipe to your internet service provider, or ISP. For instance, Netflix recommends download speeds of at least 3Mbps for the best video quality, while Apple suggests 8Mbps for streaming 1080p content from iTunes.

Cotton Bags

This post is well written and informative. I don't comment often, but it doesn't cost me anything to say it when it’s true. Cheers.

Chet Davis

Good question Jen - I use a site/service called Speed Test - I wrote a post with the details which you'll find today on the home page of
http://www.yourtechnologytutor.net. Hope that helps - and let me know if you have any further questions.

Jen McCleve

How would you suggest finding out the speed of your internet service? Is there a website you would suggest using, or a method of collecting that data?

Chet Davis

But can I stream Netflix videos using Hughesnet or any other satellite internet provider?

Yes, theoretically you could use any internet service provider as long as their delivery to your home was fast enough. Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 500kbps (0.5MB).

Before committing to any particular service I would be certain to understand the providers service agreement, termination policy, any penalties, etc.

I personally would also not sign-up unless I had a contact who was using the same service and could personally confirm success, but that's my preference.

DSL Internet vs Satellite Internet

I know that there's a big difference between DSL internet and satellite internet. But can I stream Netflix videos using Hughesnet or any other satellite internet provider?

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